Best Eyebrow Reconstruction

Best Eyebrow Reconstruction in Thrissur |Palakkad | Kerala

Using makeup products to make your eyebrows look thicker, some of you might have tried that to hide the uneven patches. Even though it works, the result is only temporary. However, with an eyebrow transplant, there is a permanent solution. If you’re suffering from a loss of hair around your eyebrows, Hairgenix’s eyebrow reconstruction is the right way to restore them.

If you thought that you only lose hair on the head, you also lose your eyebrow hairs. They can thin out and stop growing for a number of different reasons that include nutrient deficiencies, eczema, thyroid issues, ageing, persistent plucking, etc. Being the best hair restoration clinic in Kerala, eyebrow reconstruction treatments are done by our team of well-experienced cosmetic surgeons with utmost care and precision.

The eyebrow hair follicles are usually taken from hairs just above your ears and grafted at the site of transplantation where small incisions are made. The long-term perks of getting an eyebrow reconstruction at Hairgenix include a fuller, thick and natural-looking eyebrow, increased confidence, minimal risks of complications and a faster recovery period, etc. As the transplanted hair follicles are your own, they seamlessly blend with your existing hair. Book your consultation session with us today..


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