Best Meso Therapy for Hair

Best Meso Therapy for Hair in Thrissur | Palakkad | Kerala

Everyone’s dream is to have thick lustrous hair however, problems such as hair loss, balding, etc can hinder such dreams and make them difficult to achieve. All that ends with Hairgenix’s Mesotherapy treatment. This is a non-surgical cosmetic therapy that stimulates hair growth by injecting microscopic particles onto the scalp targeting hair follicles.

This therapy works on all hair types, provides long-term natural results for hair problems and is usually considered an alternative to surgical treatments such as hair transplants. Customers with excessive hair loss, hairline receding & those in the early stages of baldness are the most ideal for mesotherapy treatment. Being the best mesotherapy clinic, The injections administered by our qualified doctors consist of vitamins, minerals and DTH blockers. All these effectively help improve blood circulation to that affected area thereby increasing hair regrowth.

The other benefits of opting for this therapy at Hairgenix Clinic are that it helps strengthen hair roots, stimulates hair follicles and encourages healthy hair growth. If you have allergies, are pregnant or taking blood thinning medications, this therapy is not recommended for restoring hair. The initial results will be usually visible within the first two weeks however, depending on your hair loss condition, the results may vary.


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