Best Failed Hair Transplant in Thrissur | Palakkad | Kerala

Best Failed Hair Transplant in Thrissur | Palakkad | Kerala

Not every initial hair transplant story has had a successful ending. If there is anything worse than getting a hair transplantation done, it is your initial hair transplant surgery gone wrong. There are certain cases where the surgery didn’t go as planned and the customer ended up with poor results.

If you are a victim of a botched hair transplant or you didn’t get the intended result as expected and want to cover it up, get it done at Hairgenix, the best hair transplant clinic in Kerala will help you. Some of the main reasons for a failed hair transplant are the usage of older outdated techniques, the poor skill of the physician, etc. At Hairgenix, our doctors first analyze the customer’s individual problems and their severity.

We use the most innovative techniques for the treatments. If there are visible and unnatural-looking implanted grafts, they are removed, and their size is reduced and re-implanted to create a more natural look. When it comes to pricing, they are affordable in most cases however, correcting a failed hair transplant varies from patient to patient and usually depends on the number of grafts used. Hairgenix is the best hair restoration clinic in Kerala that offers the best hair transplant repair treatments to customers.


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